Heavy Duty Build 15 kg Gas Roaster

Industrial quality, solid plate combined with stainless steel construction

15 kg professional high quality roaster with total control on drum and fan speed, made with solid plate and stainless steel construction complete with data logging feature and adjustable gas burner.

coffee roaster 5kg
coffee roaster 5kg
coffee roaster 10kg
coffee roaster 10kg
coffee roaster 10kg
coffee roaster 10kg
coffee roaster 10kg
coffee roaster 5kg
coffee roaster 5kg
coffee roaster 5kg


Industrial quality, solid construction, high-quality plate combining with stainless steel material produce heavy duty build coffee roaster, commercial quality drum bearings, variable speed motor, speed reducer and drive train are all tightly toleranced create whisper quiet roaster, thermal and mechanism stability makes continuous production roasting much easier and consistent.

We create our roasters start by drawing every detail part to make efficient roasters. Designed to required minimum maintenance and put art on designing all part and accessories that make beautiful roasters. Your idea is always welcome, feel free to let us know if you have your own concept and we will help you to create your custom roasters

coffee roaster burnerMULTI STAGES BURNER

We equip our roaster with multi stages burner, with two independent burner make you easily control your heat input to follow your desire roasting profile. Combined with air flow control makes you easily to control conduction, convection and radiation during your roasting process.


To cooling of the roasted coffee immidietly after coffee bean being roasted is a very important factor to maintaining the taste and flavor of roasted coffee.

HARTANZAH utilizes a powerful blowing motor under the cooling bin that can cool the beans in under three minutes. With unique agitator scrapper shape that able to mixed all the beans to cool uniformly.


HSR 15 Roaster Features

Advance Features
  • Robust and strong structure.
  • Roasting capacity 5 - 15kg per batch
  • Roasting up to 60 kg per hour
  • Slow / fast roasting
  • Sampling spoon and sight glass
  • Stand-alone chaff collector
  • Cooling tray
  • Adjustable electronic drum speeds controller.
  • Adjustable electronic agitator speeds controller.
  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling process
  • On board PID for precise temperature control.
High Performace Features (Optional Features)
  1. HMI touch screen user interface
  2. Automatic roasting by following saved profile
  3. Multi stages premixed burner
  4. Gas leak detector
  5. Flame failure detector
  6. Safe shut down


Technical Specification

Batch capacity (kg/h) 60 kg per hour.
Roasting capacity (kg/batch) 15 kg per batch.
Roasting time (minutes) 10~15 minutes.
Dimensions (W-H-D) cm 90cm x 180 cm x 170 cm
Installation area (W-H-D) cm 120cm x 250 cm x 230 cm
Weight (kg) approx 650 kgs.
Heating system Natural gas or propane
Electricity 1 Phase, 50Hz, 220 or 110 VAC
Number of motors 2
Number of centrifugal fans 2
Voltage Single phase 220 or 110 VAC, 10 ampere
Power consumption (kW/h) 1100 Watt.
Power requirement (A) 10 Ampere.
Gas connector (in) 1/4 inch NPT.
Exhaust outlet diameter (inch) 3 inch.
Burner Gas burner multi stages
Chaft Collector Included, stand alone
Sight glass Tempered glass, 6mm
Differential Pressure Gauge Magnehelic USA
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coffee roaster 10kg
coffee roaster 15kg