Heavy Duty Build DESTONER FROM 5 INTO 30 KGS

Industrial quality, solid plate combined with stainless steel construction

Check your rosted beans by using HARTANZAH destoner. Effectively removes foreign objects and leave your coffee become clean product containing 100% pure coffee and avoid damage to your equipment. Works on a gravity principle by using the density of the coffee beans to detect other foreign objects that might be found, such as metals and stones.

coffee destoner
coffee destoner 30kg
coffee destoner 3 kg
coffee destoner 5 kg
coffee destoner 10 kg
coffee destoner 15 kg
coffee destoner
coffee roaster 5kg
coffee roaster 5kg
coffee roaster 5kg
coffee destoner dimension


Technical Specification

Materials Stainless steel combine with carbon steel
Electricity 1 Phase, 50Hz, 220 or 110 VAC
Number of motors 1
Blower speed control Yes
Dust collector Yes
Sight glass Yes
coffee roaster 1kg
coffee roaster 10kg
coffee roaster 15kg