DECO 240




DECO 240 is a state of the art technology of 240 KG kg full automated compact industrial coffee roasters. Able to roast tons of coffee per day with even consistency in every batch. .

With HARTANZAH logic control panel makes DECO 240 very accurately automated coffee roaster. There are two options to operate DECO 240, by selecting the roasting mode to full automated or manual mode.

Built-in I.O.T system makes easy to monitoring and operating from anywhere. Full automatic roaster with 22 inch touch screen monitor for easy control.

240kg coffee roaster
5 kg full automated coffee roaster
240 kg coffee roaster
240 kg full automated coffee roaster
240 kg coffe roaster
240 kg full automated coffee roaster
240 kg coffee roaster
240kg coffee roaster
240 kg coffee roaster dimension


240 kg full automated coffee roaster HEAVY DUTY FULL AUTOMATIC COFFEE ROASTERS

Deco 240 are designed for heavy duty high scale operation. Operating in manual, semi-automatic or completely automatic system mode. Designed to last a life time.

Each machine has an inbuilt variable speed motor, air volume and burner control, allowing change in speed by manual control or automated by PLC controller. The thermal and mechanical stabiliser inside each roaster also allows for continuous production roasting, with ease and consistency


Technical Specification

Min batch capacity (Kg) 90 Kg
Max batch capacity (Kg) 240 Kg
Roasting time (minutes) Approx 10 to 20 minutes (depend on roasting profile)
Total unit set dimension (W-H-L) cm 450 x 350 x 455
Total weight (Complete system) Approx 8550 kg
Control Drum speed, Air volume , Burner, Water suppression
Roasted Bean Cooling Time approx 5 minutes
Burner type Proportional premixed Burner
Burner capacity 900 KW
Required Gas Pressure 30-50 mbar (working pressure 23 mbar)
Gas inlet size 0,5 inch
Electrical Requirement (Watt) 16 KW
Supply voltage options 110-120v 60Hz or 220-240V 60Hz
Operation options Full automated and manual
Water suppression system Yes
Bean loader Yes - integrated
Destoner Yes - integrated
IOT system Yes
Touch screen monitor size 22 inch
After burner Yes - integrated
Soft start stop Yes
Safe unit shut down Yes
Gas leak alarm Yes
Flame failure alarm Yes
Gas leak alarm Yes
Gas low pressure indicator Yes
Drum material Perforated Stainless
Water pump Yes- integrated
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